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Eva and Franco Mattes, Emily’s Video (2012)installation view, Postmasters Gallerysingle channel video, color + soundspeople’s reactions to a mysterious video that was later destroyedrunning time: 15:52 minutesedition of 3 + AP

Eva and Franco Mattes, Emily’s Video (2012)
installation view, Postmasters Gallery
single channel video, color + sounds
people’s reactions to a mysterious video that was later destroyed
running time: 15:52 minutes
edition of 3 + AP

Emily’s Video exposes the dark side of such relatively clean and unimaginative fun. A 16-minute compilation of reactions from people who replied to the artists’ online call to watch “the worst video ever” (which a girl named Emily delivers like a pizza), the work simply records respondents’ reactions via webcam. Some blanch, others laugh nervously, look away, or involuntarily gag or scream. Near the end, a curly haired, American Apparel model type pulls a blanket around herself and sobs. The Matteses don’t show us the source video’s content — they went so far as to secure each participant’s confidentiality and subsequently destroyed the seemingly appalling footage. But it’s probably sufficient to know what one “volunteer” blogged post-viewing: “We make we sick.” Christian Viveros-Fauné, “Eva and Franco Mattes Dive into the Dark Web in New Tribeca Show” The Village Voice

"We make we sick."
Nam June Paik, TV Bed (1972/1991)Now at at James Cohan, Art Basel Hong Kong

Nam June Paik, TV Bed (1972/1991)
Now at at James Cohan, Art Basel Hong Kong

Christoph Schlingensief
Retrospective at MoMA PS1 through August 31

Pharmakon, live in St. Petersburg 2013

Savages, “Fuckers”

Bikini Kill 

birthday present via Filip Olszewski‎ with Miss Winterwolf and Miss Jurgens

birthday present via Filip Olszewski‎ with Miss Winterwolf and Miss Jurgens

Jesse Darling, “Darling’s Room” 

Unreconstructed hermetic masculinity is so over, and because Drake is explicitly avant in that way he kinda ends up a queer folk hero. The whole #DraketheType meme is pretty much just a list of unembarrassedly homosocial gestures and traits. On one hand it’s p funny & on the other hand the joke’s on you: lmao if you’re too crippled by your socialized normative masculinity to lock hands w your homies when you high-five. Jesse Darling
The Olympics at Sochi are like Moscow in 1980, the trials of the May 6 protesters or of Pussy Riot like the show trials of 1937, and Russia’s invasion of Crimea is the 1968 Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia all over again. Like all metaphors, such analogies are political judgements, usually informed by liberal images of the USSR as a realm of necessity and violence, in contrast to the “normal,” “Western” path of development. If one looks more closely, it is easy to see that both liberal and Putinist-conservative understandings of the analogy between contemporary Russia and the USSR are mirror images of each other… I would like to problematize this analogy without rejecting it entirely, while leaving behind the binary oppositions between the USSR and the West—between us and them. Gleb Napreenko "Back in the USSR?" e-flux May 2014

Daniel Kolitz is a brilliant man. 

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Krist Wood, from Siirm Aeruah (2012-2013)

Krist Wood, from Siirm Aeruah (2012-2013)

…being told that there is no fee for online works
…being interviewed about net art economic models
Olia Lialina, Notes On Being A Net Artist, Rhizome
Vuk Cosic, Instant Ascii Camera (1999)

Vuk Cosic, Instant Ascii Camera (1999)