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Russian-born, Los Angeles-raised, stalwart-Brooklynite-in-progress.

Email: magalperina [at] gmail [dot] com
Twitter: @mfortki 
Journalist, curator, Managing Editor of ANIMAL New York
Freelance writer: ARTNews, Baku Magazine, New York Magazine, The Atlantic, Metro New York, Art Fag City, more. 
Before: Art Editor of Flavorwire, Editorial Assistant at Spinner, Online Editorial Assistant and Intern at Art Fag City, Editorial Assistant and Staff Writer for RUSSIA! Magazine, freelance translator, other, misc.


COST Is Up (with Bucky Turco)
An Interview With Petr Pavlensky: Anarchist Artist Nails His Balls to the Red Square, So You Don’t Have To
Laurie Penny Vs. Cybersexism: “Not Letting the Fuckers Win”
Watch Artist Implant a Net Art RFID Chip Into His Hand

Interview with the Yellowist: Why Rothko Got Tagged and You’re Next
Brutal Fairy Tales, Sexualized Innocence and Russia: Bunny Rogers, Shades of Berny 
The First Animated GIF in Deep Space Is Not Boring 
Tod Seelie Is Releasing a Photography Book: 14-Years of “Bright Nights” in NYC 
#OccupyGezi Support “Hack” Group Pops Up in a Brooklyn Gallery 
Perpetual Guitar Machine at the Clocktower Gallery
Pussy Riot’s Lawyers: In Jail, Rape Is Only the Least of the Dangers
Paul Schrader on The Canyons James Deen on the Canyons 


Dash-cams: Russia’s Last Hope for Civility and Survival on the Road (Syndicated on Jalopnik)
Why Russia’s Internet Watchdog Threatened to Censor Facebook, Again
Marching With Russians in the NYC Pride Parade During Moscow’s Darkest Hour


New curatorial project at the Moving Image Contemporary Video Art Fair, London: National #Selfie Portrait Gallery with Kyle Chayka 

2013: The Shortest Video Art Ever Sold! #SVAESa Vine-based curatorial project with Kyle Chayka and Postmasters Gallery at the Moving Image Contemporary Video Art Fair (Press: The Guardian ProfileARTInfo, ARTnews "The New World of Net Art") UPDATES


Frieze London: The Good, the Bad and the Oculus Rift Art
Pumped Up Art Show and Burlesque at the “Last Titty Bar” in Brooklyn

Tima Radya’s Police Riot Shield Pyramid at CutLog New York
Children as Internet Things for Adults: “If I Die Young” at 319 Scholes 
It’s Your TED Talk at Eyebeam’s “F.A.T. Gold” 5-Year Retrospective
Dr. Damien Hirst Or: How I Learned to Stop Grouching and Love the Spot Paintings (Almost)

Jayson Musson’s Coogie Canvases Are a Hit, Even If You Don’t Get Hennessy Youngman
Lindsay Lohan as Muse: Analyzing Richard Phillips’ New Show at the Gagosian 
The Art of Chris Brown 
Marina Abramović Afterthoughts: Willpower, Control, Copyright 


Frieze Art Film’s Petra Cortright Experiment: Fall In Love Here
Elliott Smith Is Stabbing Himself in His Grave: Madonna’s “Performance Art” Gagosian Spectacle

Jay-Z and Marina Abramović Are a Hustler, Baby
This Is a Source Photo for Bob Dylan’s Alleged Nude Painting From Central Park, LULZ 
The RGBDToolkit Effect: Kinect Open Source Post-CGI Is the New Camera and Everybody Wants It 
Ghost-Hunting Basquiat in His Old East Village Apartment 
Academics Explain Penis Graffiti, Miss the Point 
Is It Too Late for #Seapunk Ponchos?


Shaved Bieber, Draw With Your Face, yyyyyyy.info: An Internet-Art Primer — The Atlantic 
10 Artworks That Don’t Really “Exist” — Flavorwire
A Survey of Russia’s Most Radical Contemporary Artists — Flavorwire
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Indie Kidz Songs — parody video direction, ANIMAL
Merry Indie X-mas
— parody video direction with Aymann Ismail, ANIMAL
Famous Works of Art Censored for Sensitive Types — Flavorwire 


A profile on digital art in Brooklyn nightlifeBaku Magazine, Fall 2013
ART Talk “SOUNDINGS: A Contemporary Score” at the MoMAARTnews Summer 2013
ART Talk “THE RECORD: Contemporary Art and Vinyl” at the Nasher Museum — ARTnews September 2010


Minimalist Film Reviews 
Artist’s Notebook
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