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Russian-born, Los Angeles-raised, stalwart-Brooklynite-in-progress.

Email: magalperina [at] gmail [dot] com
Twitter: @mfortki 
Journalist, curator, Managing Editor of ANIMAL New York

yeah, yeah, dash-cams

Freelance writer: ARTNews, Baku Magazine, New York Magazine, The Atlantic, Metro New York, Art Fag Citymore. 
Before: Art Editor of Flavorwire, Editorial Assistant at Spinner, Online Editorial Assistant and Intern at Art Fag City, Editorial Assistant and Staff Writer for RUSSIA! Magazine, freelance translator, other, misc.


Art-Band MSHR Makes Sound From Light And Light From Sound
Frieze Art Film’s Petra Cortright Experiment: Fall In Love Here
The RGBDToolkit Effect: Kinect Open Source Post-CGI Is the New Camera and Everybody Wants It 
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Brutal Fairy Tales, Sexualized Innocence and Russia: Bunny Rogers, Shades of Berny 
COST Is Up (with Bucky Turco)
An Interview With Petr Pavlensky: Anarchist Artist Nails His Balls to the Red Square, So You Don’t Have To

Laurie Penny Vs. Cybersexism: “Not Letting the Fuckers Win” 
Paul Schrader on The Canyons 
James Deen on the Canyons 

Listening to William Basinski’s “Cascade”
Jay-Z and Marina Abramović Are a Hustler, Baby 
Children as Internet Things for Adults: “If I Die Young” at 319 Scholes 
The Armory: Better With the Internet
Perpetual Guitar Machine at the Clocktower GalleryIt’s Your TED Talk at Eyebeam’s “F.A.T. Gold” 5-Year Retrospective
Dr. Damien Hirst Or: How I Learned to Stop Grouching and Love the Spot Paintings (Almost)
Jayson Musson’s Coogie Canvases Are a Hit, Even If You Don’t Get Hennessy Youngman
Marina Abramović Afterthoughts: Willpower, Control, Copyright 

A profile of sound art vs. noise in New YorkBaku Magazine, Spring 2014
A profile of digital art in Brooklyn nightlifeBaku Magazine, Fall 2013
ART Talk “SOUNDINGS: A Contemporary Score” at the MoMAARTnews Summer 2013
ART Talk “THE RECORD: Contemporary Art and Vinyl” at the Nasher Museum — ARTnews September 2010


National #Selfie Portrait Gallery co-curated with Kyle Chayka at the Moving Image Contemporary Video Art Fair, London (2014)
The Shortest Video Art Ever Sold! #SVAESa Vine-based curatorial project with Kyle Chayka and Postmasters Gallery at the Moving Image Contemporary Video Art Fair (Press: The Guardian ProfileARTInfo, ARTnews "The New World of Net Art"), New York (2013)
Porn Poetry

Indie Kidz Songs — parody video direction, ANIMAL
Merry Indie X-mas — parody video direction with Aymann Ismail, ANIMAL
Realistic “You’re On Diet Coke” Ads — Press: AdWeek, The New York Times